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Office 365 Services

More and more in today’s interconnected world, we are required to use tools, processes and systems that give people the ability to share ideas, opinions, thoughts and generally interact with each other. The available tools enable many companies to improve collaboration and engage the workforce. Office 365 has fast become a recognized application by organisations across the globe to do just that.

Like with all new applications, people adapt to them in their own way. Semasu is all about providing Office 365 Services, supporting those people to adapt and helping them understand and be comfortable with everything Office 365 has to offer.

Office 365 support stack

What we can do for you

Office 365 business as usual support
Office 365 Export support

Business As Usual Services for users

You can tap into our Office 365 Business As Usual Services 24/7. Do you need help to create a SharePoint site, manage permissions, create a secure document library, share a file or start a new conversation? Simply log your question and we will help you. You want to stay up-to-date on Office 365 changes? We inform and guide you.

Business Alignment Services for business partners

Organisations can rely on our expert advice to get Office 365 into the hearts and minds of their users. This includes implementation, positioning, user acceptance and more across our areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise


Collaboration makes the world go round.  Office 365 provides the technology that will enable you to connect, communicate and collaborate with colleagues in a quick, easy and efficient way. Semasu will provide you and your teams with a collaboration roadmap that will guide you on what works best for your business.


What, Where, Why, Who, When and How? Our communications strategy will walk you through the communications tools offered in Office 365.


Office 365 works on a clever algorithm that enables users to find what they are looking for before they were even aware of what they needed. It will help them discover information and documents without having to search. Semasu will help you configure the algorithms according to your needs.


Good governance is required to ensure that the right information is shared with the right stakeholders in a quick and easy way. Semasu can help you set up a governance model that will enable people to work with information quickly and easily while respecting your corporate standards.


Office 365 offers a multitude of options. Deciding on what to use to meet your needs are tough choices. Supporting your business processes by connecting and configuring the tools and functionalities that you have already available, could be easier than expected.  Semasu can provide you with a tailor made solution that meets your needs.


Business acceptance is key and you only get one chance to do it right. The technology game is a fast moving one and Microsoft is continually adding to the Office 365 Suite. Semasu can help you and your business stay on top of these changes.

If you are trying to achieve something in SharePoint Online, Delve, Yammer or Skype for Business, we can assist you  in how to do it. If you are starting out with Office 365, we can help you get it into the hearts and minds of your users.

How it works

Pricing plans

Choose one of our plans below or contact us for enterprise options.

  • Select a plan

  • Number of credits included in the planNumber of credits included in the plan
  • Organization mapping feeAn intake fee to get to know your organisationOrganization mapping fee
  • Credit expirationCredit expiration
  • Response timeResponse time
  • Explorer

  • 720

  • Number of credits included in the plan25
  • Organization mapping feeCredits will be deducted from your first purchased planYes, 3 credits once
  • Credit expiration3 months
  • Response timeNext business day
  • Business

  • 1990

  • Number of credits included in the plan70
  • Organization mapping feeCredits will be deducted from your first purchased planYes, 3 credits once
  • Credit expiration6 months
  • Response timeWithin 8 business hours
  • Premium

  • 5350

  • Number of credits included in the plan200
  • Organization mapping feeFREE
  • Credit expiration1 year
  • Response timeWithin 4 business hours
  • An estimate will be provided based on your initial question.


  • Number of credits included in the planWill be included in our estimate
  • Organization mapping feeYes, 3 credits per request
  • Credit expirationWill be included in our estimate
  • Response timeNext business day
  • Contact us for an estimation customized for your company


  • Number of credits included in the planContact us for custom plans
  • Organization mapping feeyes
  • Credit expirationyes
  • Response timeyes

*All prices are excl. VAT


We use a unique ‘Credits’ system. These are small blocks of time that you purchase from us and that can be used to perform support tasks requested by our customers.

As soon as we receive a support request, we will provide you with an estimate to do the job. After your approval, our team will deliver the agreed tasks and the credits will be deducted from your purchased plan.

Should there be any changes to the order, we first discuss the impact with you and decide together how to move forward. Our goal is complete transparency, flexibility and discretion at all times.

Value proposition

Semasu delivers Office 365 Services without the challenges of large investments, hiring professionals or having a long term vendor lock-in.

Our objective is to provide with every service request knowledge to enable you to benefit from all Office 365 capabilities and become more engaged in your company.

The benefits of a specialised and committed support partnership will make a difference.

We are quick and we are easily accessible. You decide when you need us the most.

Office 365 is a platform offering the best collaboration products available on the market for small and large companies. It is straightforward and transparent on what it has to offer. Semasu completes this circle by delivering Office 365 support using the same principles.

Yammer, Delve, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive or Exchange – not only are we supporting them, we also help you to position these products within your company. We are very proud to offer an easy, quick and flexible model that will help our customers focus on what is key for them while we take care of the rest.